Barriers to Health Care

A study from the Women's Health Services of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) identified nine barriers to care for women veterans trying to access health care within the VA. There barriers were listed as:
  1. The perceived stigma associated with seeking mental health care services 
  2. The effect of driving distance or availability of other forms of transportation to the nearest medical facility on access to care 
  3. The availability of childcare while using VA services 
  4. The acceptability of integrated primary care, women’s health clinics or both 
  5. The comprehension of eligibility requirements for, and the scope of services available under hospital care and medical services 
  6. The perception of personal safety and comfort in inpatient, outpatient and behavioral health facilities 
  7. The gender sensitivity of health care providers and staff to issues that particularly affect women 
  8. The effectiveness of outreach for health care services to women Veterans 
  9. The location and operating hours of health care facilities that provides services to women Veterans
Imagine, if these are the barriers identified for accessing VA health care, imagine what other barriers exist for women veterans.

Study of Barriers for Women Veterans to VA Health Care. (April, 2015). Retrieved November 14, 2017, from Health Services_Barriers to Care Final Report_April2015.pdf

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