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Hello there, my name is Jessica and I am a veteran. When you're transitioning out of the military they give you a little bit of info on what to do when you get out, but once you have that DD214 in hand, you are no longer Uncle Sam's responsibility. You are expected to seek out community resources that you probably don't even know exist and you deal with various systems that aren't always intuitive.

I consider myself extremely fortunate because I came across the right people and resources at the right time that have guided me to where I am today. And where might that be exactly? Well, in May 2018 I will have my master degree in social work from the University of Southern California and I know that there is no way I could have done it all by myself.

I had help that directed me to the resources I needed.

And this is what I want to offer to other female veterans who are transitioning out of the military and moving to the Los Angeles area. I want to create a digital space where fellow vets can come to one place and find resources, tips and tricks that will help them survive, thrive and and bloom into a better version of themselves.

As the site develops, I am looking to develop a partnership with a forward thinking agency who would like to take a forward thinking approach when it comes to helping veterans instead of being reactive.

Interested? Please reach out and lets get to work!

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